Fiddler's Elbow

no ifs, no buts. it just is.

OK, so we're an Irish pub, right? Well guess what? We don't actually sell Guinness. Never even been asked for it. Not entirely sure what it even is.

Obviously that's a fat lie. We sell plenty of the ol' blonde in the black dress. But while we apparently pull the best pint of the stuff in Brighton, we're right across a whole range of beers. We sell brews you know and brews you don't know yet. A sweet range of Craft Beers with regular visiting kegs keep the range as refreshed as a person who's just drunk a cold, refreshing beer from our bar.

Here's a couple of our recent favourites.


Have you experienced the life affirming and mind expanding properties of Tailgate’s Peanut Butter Milk Stout?


Well then take a look at yourself for goodness sakes. Live a little, get out there, go NUTS.


This nifty nectar is brewed with malted barley, a little wheat and some Amarillo. It’s fresh it’s zesty, it’s a little bit sexy and has a wicked seductive nose.

Take the day off work, give your other half the brush off and leave the kids to fend for themselves; spend the day with us instead and help us polish off this first case.